Intermax AG | Sale and purchase of floral and plant products, fruits and vegetables, logistics services.
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 Fruits and vegetables

Logistics services


Intermax A.G. is an international company working in the field of sale and purchase of floral and plant products; fruits and vegetables, as well as a separate order provides a wide range of related logistics services.


Intermax A.G. actively works with suppliers, customers and new partners around the world. The main attention is paid to the purchase of products from manufacturers, suppliers and its implementation to existing customers. Also, at the request of the client, the company is in power to provide additional logistics services such as: organization of cargo transportation of perishable goods, freshly picked flower products with temperature conditions, storage services, repacking, labeling of goods, etc.


Full Responsibility! We take full responsibility for our activities, i.e. we always try to keep the promises we have given to our customers and partners. Openness, it should always be possible to express one’s opinion both inside as well as outside of the company. In solving any problems, direct communication with the involved people is the key point. Respect of individuals, everybody is equal as a person.


Intermax a professional logistics company which offers the highest quality of consignments’ transportation. Our goal- integrated logistics and developed net of transport services that ensure sustained efficiency of logistics chain and maximum benefit for the customer. Aiming  to offer the best, we permanently carry the analysis of transport services market and search for the optimal solutions for  the realization of the customers’ needs. Certified and team having  years of experience offers professional logistics, distribution, storing and customs stakeholders services.


Every day we import fresh flowers, leaves and plants from all over the world and distribute them to customers.


Company specializes in the transport of flowers and plants. Thanks to our cooperation with other companies, we can transport a large number of flowers and plants in a short time by shipping and chartering. With us you are therefore located at the correct address for logistic operations related to the large-scale movement of flowers and plants. Modern air-conditioned trucks with real-time temperature recording ensure that your flowers and plants are delivered to their desired destination in perfect condition.


Intermax  A.G. has excellent products and services with an eye for detail that can meet all requirements in the area of plants. You can buy plants of all kinds from them (fruit trees, aquatic and palustrine, outdoor, succulents, carnivorous, palm trees, olive trees, rooted graft plants, just to name a few).

You will discover here the perfect, most popular and famous garden roses. Year after year, we Discover, Evaluate and Bring to you vigorous and high quality rose bushes, from rose breeders that are trusted and appreciated by gardeners all over the world. We select rose varieties that are well known and have been awarded for their incredible fragrance and beauty, amazing colors and abundant flowering. Thus, we manage to offer European gardeners a complete range of gorgeous garden roses, all with that undeniable romance and sophistication.

We specialize in the import and direct wholesale supply of fresh cut flowers, plants and floral diversity.


Established over more than three generations, we have built our business on the basis of complete commitment to delivering high-quality wholesale flowers (supplied from many countries of the world), providing consistent, reliable personal services and understanding the needs of our customers.


We are importers and distributors of fresh fruits and vegetables. We are experts in importing the best products for the best of our customers.